Monday, July 21, 2014

10 days of happiness

I have reached 10 days of my 100 happy days challenge. I have found a rhythm in balancing my painting, family and healing routine. Long sessions of uninterrupted painting is no longer available, so I do many short but productive blocks of time at my canvases. I have finally found that I am used to multitasking so that has become my creative style too. My creative space is also where I practice my morning yoga so I find myself meditating on the canvases as I go through my asanas. I think about what colors to put where, which part of the painting is working and which is not. I find doing most of my creative processing on my mat useful, perhaps my body and mind is at an open and welcoming state.  When I am ready to put paint on canvas, I execute intuitively. I am learning the key to success, besides having the technical skills of whatever area one is trying to pursue, is knowing your own working style. The traditional way of working is not one size fits all,  I have never been able to sit down in a long session and work, I need to take breaks to think and return later to do more. So far I think the happy challenge is making a difference, I feel content, grounded, and fulfilled. I believe doing something I love everyday has really helped my body to heal, that is why I am practicing daily healing art making. My art brings me comfort, joy, confidence and much much more than I ever imagined.

July feed on Instagram ASTRIDFOX_art

Side by side double canvas at work

call me multitasking or ADD,  this is my set up

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