Sunday, July 6, 2014

All my children

Today's Palette
It's interesting how I allow my personal growth and gut healing journey to be work in progress, yet I expect my artistic journey to be ready for presentation faster.  I am looking at them as all my children; my youngest is my gut healing, it has been all I focus on because it has been crying the loudest. It need a lot of care and patience but I feel I am finally getting a hang of how to take care of this baby. My personal growth is my middle child, it's always been there, not much complains, going along with everything. It's quiet. My eldest will be my art. I have greater expectations from it because the concept has been with me the longest. I went to art school, I painted religiously before my real kids were born so I expect that I can pick up a pencil or brush anytime and can produce work ready for show.

So how do I get my creative juices pumping like my healing juices?  I just need to do it more without expectations. By making more rough sketches, doodles, experiments,  I can build a library of references to use later. The most fitting part about the title of this post is the best way get back into my art is through my children. They can produce work intuitively without hesitation. I learn that I don't need to wait for the perfect moment to start painting. Today I painted with my 4 years old drawing beside me and later jumped from one side of the room to the other while I continued to paint.

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