Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Red and Green

I arrived at  my second class ( unintentionally 1 1/2 hours) early. It was good for me to get some warm up painting going. We did a critique on last week's orange and blue studies. I learned a lot from other people in the class. It is quite amazing the limited palette could look so different under different brushes.  After the crit, we proceeded on using red and green. I chose Alizarin Crimson and Hookers Green and brought some produce for the market to paint.

Briefly what I learned today: 

My fear of watercolour has lifted. Painting with acrylic in a watercolour manner is fun. 

I had learned painting mainly from a couple painting teachers, really one. As much as he is a very great painter, learning from Karen has been very refreshing. Her teaching style paired with my readiness to explore is a perfect match.

Painting acrylic on raw canvas... I can't wait to try it!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Orange and Blue studies continue

The complimentary colours exercise continues. I know this subject was a bit intricate. But I find that I have to really like the subject to paint it, otherwise I get bored and loose my focus. This exercise brought me back to my art school days and all the terminology came rushing back; composition, foreshortening. Recently, I have discovered that I benefit from talking through my process. Luckily, I am at a point in the life where I don't care if I appear to be crazy by talking while I paint. It also helps that the only audience I have today is my 2 years old, and he doesn't seem to mind. I did the right one first and found that my drawing did not convey the foreshortening enough therefore confused my eyes. I drew the second one with a bit more accuracy but I think they both made me think about light source and shadow. I think I might get a flower from the market to paint for tomorrow's class.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Painting Boot Camp

So I went to my first class of Painting Boot Camp at Emily Carr last Sunday. I was a bit anxious as to the level of the students would be in the class. The Class was a good mix of younger (20 somethings) to retired Grandmother probably in her 70s. We explored colours and mixed them according to the RBY colour wheel. I was pleased to get the familiar assignment of painting an object with only one orange and one blue. Here is what I did in class. The goal is to lay the blue as the background and use the orange on the object to bring it closer to the viewer. I am very pleased with the instructor - Karen Yurkovich. She has extensive training in painting and a very light and encouraging teaching style. We are using acrylic like watercolour which I rarely do. I usually use acrylic as an oil substitute. I am enjoying going back to the basic of mixing colours and using a medium in a fresh way. I am enjoying being open and exploring.