Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Surface Pattern Design

Oooooo.... I think I found my calling. Surface Pattern design. I have always had the dream of designing pattern since I learned about the Arts and Craft movement. I never pursued it because I didn't know where to go or how to find out more. I recently met a stay at home quilt pattern designer mom and she reminded me of the site Spoonflower.

China Marker

My Husband has the day off tomorrow, when he asked me what I need to do tomorrow, I really wanted to art geek out and say ' I just want to draw with my newly bought CHINA MARKER'. But I didn't. I did steal away a couple of minutes and doodled on my favourite work area - my kitchen island.

In my last post, I talked about revising my online presence. I have been working hard on it and have made some progress. I have linked almost everything together now, and have started another tumblr as my portfolio site. I love the easy to use themes. Is it wrong to be glorifying about tumblr on blogger? I still don't have my drive back so I am only uploading older work onto my portfolio tumblr. I like the theme ( template) I chose, it suits my scatter brain.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

All is not lost

So the good news is my major storage drive is not fried. The data is intact. I still don't have it back yet, my tech genius has ordered me a new adapter ( which did get fried from the power outage) and then we should be up and running again. After the thought of having to start all over from scratch, I decided it is time to streamline all my online presences. I am very excited about it and need to sit down and draw out a bit of a plan; a flow chart of sort. I want to have a master page with my own astridfox.com address that will link out to my tumbler, my blogger and all will repost on facebook and twitter. Let me look into it...

Friday, January 20, 2012

My world is crumbling

The power outage two nights ago left our server storage unmountable. Does that mean all my work is gone? At first all I could think of was my more recent work; my children's illustrations, my surface pattern designs. Then I realized I have work from 10 years ago in that storage. I tried to convince myself that this is an opportunity for me to let it go, start FRESH. On top of that, one of the sites I have posted many of my work up has closed. One less place I could have an archive of my work online.  Then I thought about the photos, photos of my younger days, of children, my memories. I tried to convince myself the most important things, people, is in front of me. I don't need photos to remind me of my past. I have my lovely family right in front of me. But. I am sad, so sad that I couldn't even work on my art in my sketchbook without thinking of all the stuff in that storage, let along start another new on the computer. I have the fear that everything in the storage is really all gone, then I got even a bit more sad when I heard Etta James died today.  Hoping for a better tomorrow.