Friday, January 20, 2012

My world is crumbling

The power outage two nights ago left our server storage unmountable. Does that mean all my work is gone? At first all I could think of was my more recent work; my children's illustrations, my surface pattern designs. Then I realized I have work from 10 years ago in that storage. I tried to convince myself that this is an opportunity for me to let it go, start FRESH. On top of that, one of the sites I have posted many of my work up has closed. One less place I could have an archive of my work online.  Then I thought about the photos, photos of my younger days, of children, my memories. I tried to convince myself the most important things, people, is in front of me. I don't need photos to remind me of my past. I have my lovely family right in front of me. But. I am sad, so sad that I couldn't even work on my art in my sketchbook without thinking of all the stuff in that storage, let along start another new on the computer. I have the fear that everything in the storage is really all gone, then I got even a bit more sad when I heard Etta James died today.  Hoping for a better tomorrow.

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