Monday, November 21, 2016

Make your own essential oil diffuser jewellery

New creation  and reworked diffuser jewellery

Hey everyone,

I shared a photo of my latest craze in making essential oil diffuser jewellery on my @healmeinthekitchen Instagram and got requests to share how I made them. If you haven't checked out what I am up to in the wellness realm, please have a visit and drop me a line there. I had a super fun time hosting a DIY workshop with Oil obsessed Canada in Vancouver a couple weeks ago, for those who couldn't make it, here is a tutorial post for you to try at home.  This new found hobby reminded me that learning something is fun and the most important part is to follow your inspirations and enjoy the process.

A little background

I have been dabbling with essential oils on and off for many years. I started using them during my first elimination diet in my 20s. As expected, I felt deprived from the food limitations, so I looked for other sensory stimuli to satisfy my senses. My interest in aromatherapy was rekindled from the introduction to the amazingly premium quality Young Living Essential oils. Naturally, I began to search for more ways to surround myself with these powerfully charged life forces from the botanical kingdom.  One night, while I was browsing online shops for diffuser jewellery, an inspiration sparked and pulled me towards learning how to make them myself. Before you know it, the next day I was at the craft store buying supplies to start creating, because I simply couldn't wait to adorn myself with aromatic jewellery.

Through my research, I learned that there are several common ways to make diffuser jewellery. These including incorporating porous materials like felted wool held inside trinkets and wooden or clay beads to hold the essential oils against your body. For me, I was drawn to using lava beads as the mini diffusers. In this tutorial, I will be sharing a couple basic jewellery making techniques that will allow you to create your own designs or rework the diffuser aspect into your existing jewellery.

Look what I can make 

These techniques include:
  1. how to make eye loops to link beads together either to chains or other beads
  2. how to open and close jump rings

How to make an eye loop

  • 1 pair of round nose plier
  • 1 pair of side cutter
  • head pin ( bead length plus extra to make eye loop )
  • cord or necklace
  • lava beads or rocks with predrilled hole
  • jump rings to make your pendant

  1. Insert head pin through predrilled hole of bead
  2. Bend head pin at a 45 to 90 degrees angle with your finger
  3. Cut head pin at about 1 cm from bead
  4. Grab your round nose pliers
  5. Line the pin as close to the edge of round nose plier to get a true round loop, otherwise, it will look more like a tear drop
  6. Roll pin inward to form an eye loop with round nose pliers
  7. Straighten the eye loop in case it is leaning to one side
  8. Ready to add a drop of your favourite Essential oil on your lava bead 

How to open and close a jump ring

  • 2 pairs of pliers - non-serrated chain nose
  • jump ring

  1. Grip your jump ring with two pairs of pliers on each side of the split 
  2. Twist the jump ring open by moving the pliers in opposite directions, one toward you and the other away from you. 
  3. Reverse to close the jump ring

Now, all you have to do is connect your lava bead to your existing jewellery or create something completely new to diffuse your favourite essential oil on the go. For more information about Young Living Essential Oils click here

My goal for this post is to encourage more people to explore the forgotten childhood practice of make things with their own hands. I have found this act magically calming and uplifting. 
For those perfectionists out there, remember you don't to be an expert to learn something new. Practice is key to perfecting any skills if you choose to hone them. Have fun learning!