Friday, October 3, 2014

Commission Art in her new home

In the beginning of summer, I made a quiet goal to myself that I would finish my commission painting by the end of the season and I was good on my word. I wanted to keep my goal quiet because I wasn't sure how my healing will progress and didn't want to jinx the fickle process. I was very lucky to have a client who was extremely understanding and patient with my healing journey. 

It usually feels daunting to put paint on the blank canvas, but this time I felt less hesitant. Perhaps now I understand what its like to have health taken away from me. Having a second chance to feel well again makes me learn the lesson to never take health for granted. 

In the short couple of months I painted everyday. I practiced yoga in front of my easel every morning and would meditate on the my paintings as I go through the asana. Yes, Yoga helps me paint. I completed 3 oversize and 3 other smaller size paintings and felt so invigorated.

The day I delivered the painting to my client's home was a perfect day, I entered their beautifully decorated house with gallery like interior design. It was an artist's dream come true. Their children were  brimming with excitement to receive a large plastic wrapped object into their home and were eager to help unwrap it. 

Here is a slideshow that documented the progression from start to finish. 

Music by Venus Hum "Bella Luna"

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