Friday, March 20, 2009

Query Letter

Drafting a query letter. Trying to keep it short without making it into a CV.
Went through some older illustrations on my computer last night till late. Couldn't find some stuff on the hard drive, I hope I can find them later, although they were not all completed. In the past, I have done so many misc. illustrations for promo purposes but never got to putting it all together to send off. I was undecided about which route to take, fine arts or commercial? In 2006, I picked fine arts, now it's the time for commercial. I am still going through the numerous publication listings and their guidelines. Some of them says no cartoon, but the copy of that magazine I got from the library has cartoon style illustrations in it?!? I am thinking that I might add a section on my site to showcase the illustrations. I actually had a layout page made up already. Just have to follow through. 

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