Sunday, April 1, 2012


I am dusting off my speedball linocutters, got some linocut blocks from the art store and started some block printing. Oh I am glad people have invented easier to cut blocks comparing to the old school hard linoleum. I remember how hard the old lino was to cut, there was always fear of cutting too much or cutting my hand.

I am trying to make a stamp with these rough trials. The stamps will be used on shopping bags. I find the white super soft block very easy to cut but it was a bit challenging to get a clean crisp line. The grey one is a perfect softness to cut and also gives clean lines but it was hard to transfer the image on it as the material didn't take the good old graphite in the back technique. I also tried a white neo-colour on the back, but no luck, I ended up freehanding it. I may try chalk next time.

I have always loved printmaking.

Who knows, maybe I will crack open my skillscreen kit too.

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