Monday, August 23, 2010

Missing old painting style

Saw some of my older, more painterly style and I miss it. Even though I have started to feel quite comfortable about my current style of washes and glazed over line drawings, I seem to never feel satisfied.

This was the beginning of getting back to the painterly style, was so frustrated with how quickly the paint dried in the earlier heat of the day, left it and will go back to it.
I also realise that I want to share a bit more about my process on the blog as motivation. I will post more of my in progress work instead of just the finish product. A bit scary but I think I will be ok.

Below are the progression of the three little rose from the last post. I have added a stain like wash to the ones on the sides and glaze with metallic on the middle one. Planning to finish off with a high gloss gel to give it that glassy finish.

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