Saturday, March 16, 2013

Fame and the red carpet

My almost 9 yrs old and I were discussing the topic of being famous and the red carpet. I took that parenting opportunity to talk about how not to let what society sets as standard of goals and success limit his dreams.

I tried to explain to him in Lego terms, of how he built his hobbit hole with his existing pieces without owning a pre-designed set. The goal was like getting on the red carpet, once he finished his magnificent creation, and made a few changes here and there, he got bored. It didn't just stop there, so he took it apart and built another creation that he proudly shows me.

Later, I realize how it was another lesson I am learning through my children. I thought back to when I was pregnant with him, I gave myself 5 years to get "there" in my art career. I thought that when I see my name on the wall of an art gallery, I will feel that I am a successful artist. Since then, I learned that showing in Public Art Galleries, Theatre Concourse and City Halls did not make me feel that career satisfaction I thought I would achieve. I continued to dive deeper into my creative process and left the pressure of a timeline aside and got back to enjoying making art. Now, as I constantly try to balance raising my children with creating my art, I am starting to feel creative energies converging into a place of harmony. Here is one of the earlier creations my 9 yrs old made, the one I was referring to has been taken apart before I took a photo of it. I was disappointed in myself that I missed the photo op, but my 9 yrs old consoled me that he still has the base and can rebuilt it again... just for me. I look forward to his next Lego creation and will not miss the photo op as his creative energies are strong and can take shape in different forms at the blink of an eye.

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