Thursday, February 9, 2012

Game Plan

Now that I have gotten the impulsive obsessiveness of producing one finished pattern every night, I am writing a realistic plan of how to divide my time up between my family life and art life. 

So with a cup of Cream Earl Grey sitting beside, I am writing my long term game plan for success in the art world.

I will allow myself to work on my process step by step, without digging into my necessary sleep time. For weeks, I was working frantically every night after the kids are in bed, I was afraid the creative juices will run dry if I don't do it now, or that I will not have time because I needed to take care of the kids. Then my body will break down and I will get sick.  I got burnt out.

Figuring out what works for me

The kitchen island is still my best doodling space, it's high enough to keep away the kids' grabbing paws and I can supervise them as I draw. I do retreat to my computer, mostly after they are in bed, to do the actual designing and playing with colours. I found a fantastic website about colours, it's called Design Seeds. It has given me great inspirations. 

Army of Me

Yes it is title of a Bjork song, but I think it is best way of describing this part of my plan. 
I remember when I started getting into Children's Illustrations, I worked on building an image library. I started doodling and worked on developing characters and use as reference later, like a boy standing or sitting. It will be a great asset to do the same for my patterns. I will doodle and build resources that can be turned into motifs or elements that can be used later. So I am building an "army of me ( my own doodles and art)" that will be around to back me up when I maybe feeling a bit dry on the inspirations department.

Sit up straight

Sounds cliche and simply right? But I really need to focus on good posture while designing at the computer, as my shoulders and upper back can really tighten up after my long sessions of being in my world of colours, shapes and lines. I also lie on my yoga block position in between my shoulder blades to stretch things out especially if I want to be able to sleep after sitting at the computer.

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  1. Hiyo - kuler is another fantastic site for colour

    you are awesome!