Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I have decided to revive this blog and use it explore my creative process. The process can be a very private aspect to share but I would like to be accountable.

About a week ago, I stumbled across the website for The Art Department, an amazing illustration school. I wish I could travel back to a time of unattachment living and attend it. We always want something else in life, but the best we can do is to make life work for us. As I am typing this, my one year old is digging in the boxes underneath my desk so I started to put in time, even minutes during my day for my art. While I was on the TAD site, I also found that they have short but very inspiring demos from the instructors. These instructors are very well known illustrators I had known about while I was in art school. So I watched a couple demos and got cracking. I realize that in order to get past my "artist block", I need to take it right back to the art school frame of mind. Instead of trying to produce finish pieces of work, I need to re-evaluate my process, step by step. I reviewed the elements of designs and realize that somewhere along my way, I had somehow forgotten about tone and value. I was so focused on line and shape from my love of the graphic look of printmaking. So I researched more illustrators and learned about their techniques and process. I quickly got over the awe I was in about how amazing these illustrators' work look and focused on the process. I have shift into a different gear in these short couple of weeks; I am in create mode again. All I have been thinking about is light source and shadow. I started sketching again and think my next step will be to set up a strong light source on a model, most likely my kids. I believe once I can see the light and shadow again, it will help me draw with more confidence. Reference! Which I will save for another blog entry.

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