Thursday, April 16, 2009

a drawing or two a day

So I have been trying to post a drawing a day, these are mostly from old sketches in my sketch book. They were only pencil drawings waiting to be worked on and coloured in. I am not sure if these daily illustrations posting really do much except for keeping me drawing and working on my illustrations. I also post them on myartplot, I wonder if all these spot illustrations posted are too random and ungrouped for potential clients to view.

Last night I also thought about making digital illustrations for giclee production and put it on myartplot site print to order. I looked for a printer online but haven't found one close by yet.

Today I have two illy posts.

The cropped roses was a scanner mistake but I used it anyway, it looks very graphic like it is waiting for type to be places in the blank green area. The sprout was another one of those doodles I have on plants.

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